The end of an Era

In 2002 it was agreed that members of our Social Committee would self-cater for some of our social activities. We were very fortunate in that one of our members had been a professional caterer so knew what had to be done.

Over the years committee members have come and gone (and those who haven’t ‘gone’ have got older) so this year it has been reluctantly decided that we can no longer continue with this service. Our buffet meal held on June 21st in Loders Village Hall was the final event. With an average of at least 3 meals a year this means that over 50 meals have been planned, cooked and served by the Social Committee members with the valued assistance of other members, amongst which included several men.

This doesn’t mean that all meals have ceased but in future they will be catered for by professionals and the Social Committee Members can enjoy being waited on for a change.

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