A Life on the Ocean Waves

Well actually it was the River Avon.

Nobody allowed the inclement weather to put them off from enjoying a four hour cruise around Bristol Docks and up the River Avon. Yes there was rain but only while we were safely tucked into the covered seating area of the boat. We did the same cruise 10 years ago and, if memory is correct, it was raining then too.

There is plenty to see while in the built up areas of Bristol and the peaceful countryside beside the Avon was a relaxing interlude from our always busy lives. There was always the chance of spotting a Kingfisher or a Heron. We were fortunate to see several herons but it appears that the kingfishers were keeping their feathers dry and not making an appearance.

The midpoint of the cruise was a stop off at a riverside pub where pre-ordered meals were quickly served.

Photos by: R Dunford, C Senior and V Smith

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