You must first be a member or accredited volunteer of the National Trust, the National Trust for Scotland, or another overseas affiliated organisation before you can join the Golden Cap Association.

Our annual membership rate is £6.00 per person or £9.00 for two people living at the same address. In return for their subscription members can attend talks (with a small additional charge), join in our programme of visits and other social activities and will also receive three newsletters a year containing details of these events and other items of interest.

To find out more please email the Membership Secretary or download the Membership Form and send it, along with your subscription, to the address given on the form:

Privacy Policy

Golden Cap Association (West Dorset) keeps names, addresses and other contact data exclusively for the purposes of maintaining membership records and contacting members via newsletters and individual correspondence to advise on events and activities. This information is never divulged to any other individual or organisation, nor is additional information on any member obtained from any other source. On cessation of a membership, all personal data is removed from our records. Any member has the legal right to see, alter or remove personal data kept by Golden Cap Association (West Dorset) by submitting a formal request (including his/her name and address) to the Chairman. A response must be provided within one month of the request being received.

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