A Damp Day in Tyntesfield

The weather was dreary and damp as a group of members joined the coach for our visit to the NT owned Tyntesfield house, gardens and grounds near Bristol. Fortunately the weather didn’t really interfere with our enjoyment of this fascinating house. There was even a little sunshine although you had to be fortunate to actually enjoy it. There was also hailstones so you can appreciate that the unreliable British weather was doing its best to make our visit ‘interesting’.

Due to the complications of the new legal restrictions on photographing individuals the following pictures are from the house and its surroundings. Thanks go to Veronica Smith, Rob Dunford & Chris Senior for supplying the pictures.

The house and a small selection of areas of interest inside the building:

There is a small chapel with some beautiful stained glass windows:

Outside the grounds are fascinating especially the beautiful spring flowers and kitchen garden.

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