40th Anniversary Buffet

The Golden Cap Association (or Golden Cap Centre as it was known at the time) held its inaugural meeting on 21st April 1978.

When we formed there were 85 associations such as our own. Today ther are more than 170. Sadly some have since fallen by the wayside but we have endured because of the ongoing commitment of people prepared to devote their time and energies to committee duties and helping to organise a programme of social events for members. That remains the case today.

One of the ways we celebrated this achievement was by organising a meal in Loders Village Hall in June 2018 where over 60 members enjoyed a wonderful buffet meal prepared and served by members of the social committee.

Birthday celebrations always have a cake and we had the same which our Chairman ceremoniously cut so that it could be distributed amongst all those present.

Waiting for everyone to be seated
The Cake
Our chairman, Gordon Simmons, cutting the cake being watched by members of the social committee.

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