Golden Cap Association (West Dorset)

a local association of the National Trust

Golden Cap Association (West Dorset)

a local association of the National Trust

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40th Anniversary Buffet

The Golden Cap Association (or Golden Cap Centre as it was known at the time) held its inaugural meeting on 21st April 1978.

When we formed there were 85 associations such as our own. Today there are more than 170. Sadly some have since fallen by the wayside but we have endured because of the ongoing commitment of people prepared to devote their time and energies to committee duties and helping to organise a programme of social events for members. That remains the case today.

One of the ways we are celebrating this achievement was to organise a meal in Loders Village Hall in June where over 60 members enjoyed a wonderful buffet meal prepared and served by members of the social committee.

Birthday celebrations always have a cake and we had the same which our Chairman ceremoniously cut so that it could be distributed amongst all those present.

More celebratory activities are planned throughout the year.

· 06/07/2018 15:12 · CA Senior

2018 AGM

In March the AGM approved the donation of £4,000 to the National Trust here in West Dorset. In 2017 we gave £3,500 for a permanent shelter on Stonebarrow. This has now evolved into a more ambitious project and the AGM voted for both donations to fund this. Although the shelter remains the physical focus, the project will embrace 'Spirit of Place', a concept founded upon what a place evokes emotionally in people to make it special to them as opposed to its broader historical or cultural significance. So it is most appropriate that this should be happening during 2018, the 40th anniversary of the acquisition of Golden Cap itself and of the Stonebarrow site, formerly an RAF installation.

We were also delighted that Hannah Jefferson, the new General Manager for West & North Dorset was with us at the AGM to accept the cheque, presented by our President, Chris Walliker.

· 06/07/2018 14:15 · CA Senior

On the Set of Poldark

… well, not really. But we did visit Chavenage House in Tetbury, Gloucestershire which is the site of the Manor House in Poldark, as well as being in Lark Rise to Candleford and many other period costume programmes. On a Tuesday in July 2017 it was host to a coach load of National Trust members who arrived for a guided tour and two course lunch in the magnificent 16th century, grey Cotswold stone manor house. It has many Civil War associations including the tapestry-lined rooms stayed in by Cromwell and his second-in-command, General Ireton, in 1648. The house was added to at the turn of the last century and features an Edwardian Ballroom. There is also a family Chapel next to the house.

The guided tour was conducted by members of the Lowsley-Williams family, the current owners and the wonderful two course lunch, eaten in the ballroom, was cooked by another member of the family. We were made to feel so welcome and at home by everyone we met, including three dogs who mingled with the guests and, when we were outside in the grounds, encouraged us to throw a ball for chasing purposes.

A truly wonderful experience, enjoyed by everyone, which can be recommended other National Trust groups or individuals.

There is more information on their website:

Photos by Veronica Smith & Chris Senior

· 08/07/2017 20:55 · CA Senior

Wet underfoot but we did it

Our annual guided walk on the Golden Cap Estate looked in danger of being cancelled due to the prolonged down-pour on the previous day which continued until early morning. However we were pleased to find that by the time 10:00 am arrived on 29th June the rain had stopped and encouraged a few intrepid members to venture out under the guidance of Ranger Nick Tarrier to explore the hills, dales, flora and fauna of the Golden Cap Estate.

Suitably refreshed with a welcome cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit and appropriately attired we ventured forth

Although not actually raining the day was still misty so we weren't able to fully appreciate the wonderful vistas before us, but Nick did his best to point out items of interest.

· 29/06/2017 17:00 · CA Senior

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